Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First time in London

 Nothing is certain in London but expense.  William Shenstone 

First time in London

When we planned our last trip to Europe, we knew we wanted to go to London.   I went when I was in college but it was David's first time.   It was a completely different experience,  as you grew old you see things with different eyes.   I enjoyed to be able to show David places where I have been before and tell him my stories of traveling on a student budget. 

London is a city full of history and landmarks that maybe will take years to discover all. We planned a 5 days itinerary in which we tried to eat, see, and experience the most quintessential sights. This is an itinerary planned for someone who visit London for the first time. 

We didn't have time to do all we wanted to do.  I will share what we did and what we didn't but wish we did.  I will mark with * the ones we skipped or made a short visit. In order to save time we pre-booked some attractions.

Day 1
Walk from the hotel (Mondrien hotel) to the Westminster bridge.  From there walk to the National Gallery and visit Picadilly circus.

Day 2
Eat crumpets for breakfast.  Change of guard at Buckingham Palace.  Walk around Hyde park. Shopping at Harrods.  Visit the Natural History Museum.  Ride the double decker.  
Optional: Victoria and Albert Museum*
Day 3.
Breakfast at Sky Pod*.  Tour the Tower of London.   High tea at Fortnum&Mason.  A total highlight of the trip.  I recommend to book in advance.

Day 4.
Eat english breakfast at "The riding house cafe".  Visit the British Museum (my favorite museum in London) and the British library.   Walk to King Cross station to the Platform 9 3/4 (I am a Harry Potter fan).
Take the tube to go to Notthing hill*.  (Sadly we didn't have enough time to walk around! An excuse to go back to London).  

Day 5.
Ride on the London eye.  Tour Westminster abbey.  Shopping at Oxford St.  30 minutes photo shoot booked though Flytographer.  Dinner at Oxo Tower Restaurant. 

First time in London

First time in London

First time in London
First time in London

First time in London

First time in London

First time in London

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What I Read in February

"Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere"  Mary Schmich

Crazy rich asians by Kevin Kwan ★ (4) 
This book is about Nick and Rachel's first trip together to Singapore.  During the trip Rachel will discover that Nick's friends and family are indescribably wealthy. 
As the book title suggest, you will get accurate eye-popping description about the lavish and opulent lives of the very rich of Singapore. The book opened my eyes to a part of world that I barely know and make me want to travel around Asia; still it felt like reading "Gossip girls". 

China rich girlfriends by Kevin Kwan  (3)
This is the sequel of Crazy rich Asians.  I was so into the story that after I finished the first one I started reading this. This book take place mainly in China and Paris. I was disappointed with the plot, less enjoyable than the first.   Too much drama and gossip for my taste. 

After I do by Taylor Jenkins Reid ★ (4)
Lauren and Ryan started dating in college and after many years their marriage has deteriorated. They decided to separated for a year.  Sometimes love is not enough and sometimes because of love you learn from mistakes and don't easily give up.   A book that will make you cry but will leave you thinking about marriage and relationships. 
I highly recommend from the same author Forever, interrupted.  

A window opens by Elisabeth Egan  ★ (4)
A book describes all the constant juggling of a working mother.   After her husband lost his job, Alice got a full-time job to help to support her family.   At the beginning it seems it will be a perfect job about her passion, books.  But soon she will realize that she is constantly tired with a long commute and a non-stop job that is not even close to what she expected.  I don't have kids but I felt that the book described how hard is to get work-life balance.

Other books I recommend:

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