Sunday, December 13, 2015


There's is nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere. Vivienne Westwood

One of the only regrets of our trip to Europe last year was that we didn't had many photos of us together.  We had a great amount of a mix of landscapes portraits of one of us.    

We knew it was something we wanted to be different this year.  Both of us are against selfie sticks and the reality is that when you asked someone to take a photo you don't always get the best photo.   When I saw Laura from Aspiring Kennedy photoshoot in Paris I knew it was what we needed.

We book a photographer though Flytographer.  They are a concierge service that help you hire a local photographer in 65 cities.  We had an amazing time walking around London with Emiliano and got amazing photos a few days latter.  I highly recommend the service. 

PS. This is not a sponsored post! I am just sharing a service of a startup that worked really well for us.

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