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52 books in 52 weeks. August

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.  J.K. Rowling

Book reviews of: Los crímenes azules, Me talk pretty one day, Dime quién soy and Room

A book with a color in the title  (3.5)
Los crímenes azules (The blue crimes) by Enrique Lazo
This book feels like reading an episode of Criminal minds or CSI: Ethan Bush a FBI agent, is in charge of  the investigation of 2 murders in a small town in Kansas, without clues or suspects of the murders.  Many suspects, details and childhood memories will lead us to the murder. 
I am fan of that kind of tv shows so the plot was a little bit predictable, but is well written.  A good thriller.

A funny book  (2)
Me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris
I have no idea how people can describe this book as funny, but two persons never read the same book. This was my first book by David Sedaris, and my last.  The book contains short stories about his life since childhood memories, to college days, his days living in NY and last his life in France.  Probably the best part is the tales about his childhood after that it, in my opinion it went downhill.  I found him boring and ignorant. 

A book that was originally written in a different language  (5)
Dime quién soy by Julia Navarro
The book revolves around Guillermo, a journalist who is investigating the life of his great grandmother Amelia Garayoa.  The research embarks him on a journey back on time.  Though the eyes of Amelia he will relive the last 50 years of history from the Spanish Civil War and World War II to the Cold war.  
Even when it is a long book, it keeps you captivate until the end. I am a big fan of historical fiction novels and I become a fan of the author Julia Navarro.
The main reason why I read this book is because my grandmother grew up at the same time as the book develops.  I was interested in how was Spain before and during the Civil War, mainly because as the book said it must be terrible not to know who we are and the only way to know is in the history of our ancestors.

A book with alone word title  (4)
Room by Emma Donoghue
In this book Jack tells though his eyes and his voice how was his life with his, Ma in a 12 square foot room.  The room is the only world he knows and the only place where he has been.  His ma was kidnapped and held hostage since before Jack was born.  
This is the kind of book that if you read it, will stay with you.  It is sad, heartbreaking but also is inspiring and shows how big the love of a mother could be to tried to make her son happy.  
The movie will be released on October 16th, 2015. 

Other books I have read this year:

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