Thursday, May 7, 2015

Seattle Public Library

 “I have always imagined Paradise as kind of library"
― Jorge Luis Borges, Poema de los Dones

A photo tour of Seattle Public Library designed by architect Joshua Prince-Ramus

This amazing building is one of my favorite places in the city.  I go once a week and every time I am there I am amazed, it is a stop that every tourist should make in the city and a required visit for architecture lovers. 

The library designed by architect Joshua Prince-Ramus, has a unique dramatic appearance, from the outside you can see many shapes at the same time and a distinguish "glass skin", a diamond-spades grid all around it. 

The inside was conceived as an inviting space to the public an a form of celebrations of books.  It has many interior finishes that caught everyone attention:  The meeting rooms floor, or the red floor, where the hallways, floors, walls and ceilings are all various shades of red.  

The floor at the fourth avenue entrance contains 556 lines of raised text in 11 languages, all found in the books of the collection.  You cannot miss the bright yellow escalator that leeds you to the "Book spiral", an innovative design, that allows you to walk thought ramps in order to access the whole nonfiction collection. 

The 10th floor, has the highest public viewpoint in the building, it offers awesome views of the Puget sound and the city skyline. 

I highly recommend this Ted talk by the architect Joshua Prince-Ramus about the details of the design of the library.

Seattle Public Library - Yellow Escalator

Seattle Public Library - Living room. Shadows

Seattle Public Library - Grid detail

Seattle Public Library - Red room / Grid detail

Seattle Public Library - Languages floor designed by Ann Hamilton

Seattle Public Library - 5th Avenue entrance

Seattle Public Library - Interiors

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