Monday, April 20, 2015

Pioneer Square

 “If you don't know history, then you don't know anything.   You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree”
― Michael Crinchton

Skylights sidewalks. Pioneer Square. Seattle

Pioneer square is the historic center of the city of Seattle.  This is where all began, where the founders settled the city in 1852.  All the buildings were made of wood, under the actual street.

After a fire, the city was rebuilt on top of the burned ruins leaving underground the remains of old buildings, roads and walkways, that became basements. The new buildings were built of stone and brick, many had been observers of the evolution of the neighborhood and the city. 

After the flourish of the area, it was forgotten when the city moved further north and at the beginning of the 1900 the underground was closed. During recent years many buildings have been renovated and we have been witnesses of the latest renaissance of the area, where now there are art galleries, small businesses, coffee shops, bars, start ups, new restaurants and one of my favorites building: Smith tower.

State hotel 75c sign. Smith tower. Seattle


Seattle underground tour.  Is a world-famous tour that takes you under the street to see a glimpse of the old building buried after the great fire.
First Thursday Art walk. A free walking tour though the galleries and stores of the neighborhood.
Smith tower observation deck. This was the first skyscraper on the city and probably is the best observation deck.  I love the elevators, sadly is under renovations.

E. Smith mercantile.  A little bit of everything and cocktails in the afternoon.
Fresh tangerine.  Handmade jewelery made in Seattle.
Drygoods designs. This is a gem, a fabric store with an open space for sewing class (I will take one soon!)

London Plane.  My favorite brunch spot.  Eat, buy flowers and enjoy the view.
Il Corvo.  Best handmade pasta made daily.  Open just for lunch time during week days.
Bar Sajor.  Just got drinks but need to try the food.
Delicatus.  Good sandwiches!

Damn the weather.  Best cocktails and awesome decor.
Good bar.  Excellent cocktails.

Grand Central Arcade. Seattle

Pioneer Building. Chief Seattle Fountain.

Drygoods design. London plane. Seattle

Grand Central Arcade. Seattle

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