Thursday, March 26, 2015

52 books in 52 weeks. February

 “Don't you want to be alive before you die?”
― Anthony Doerr, All the light we cannot see

52 books in 52 weeks. February

A Pullitzer Prize winning book
All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr / ★★★★ (5)
It has been a while since I found a book that I wanted to read slowly so I can remember every detail with the hope I never make it to the end.
This novel recounts 10 years of the life of Marie-Laure and Werner and how their life changed because of the World War II. Marie-Laure is a blind girl who lives in Paris with her father and Werner is an orphan boy who lives in Germany.
The story is about many things: courage, love, family and the way people touches each other's live during war times.  It is also about the power of knowledge, the magical effects of the radio and the courage of keep living, even in the worst circumstances.
Winner of the Pullitzer Price for fiction.

A book by a female author
The body book: The law of hunger, the science of strength and other ways to love your amazing body by Cameron Diaz with Sandra Bark / ★★★ (4)
This is the first book of our book club at For the glow, a community of empowering woman in the search of health and strength though fitness and whole foods.  The book is divided in 3 sections: nutrition, fitness and mind.  It is really easy to read book that introduce or remind you the best practices to have an overall healthy body.
My favorite chapter was mind, which is about how to be discipline and remain working in our goals.   I wish I can go back in time and give this book to me at 15 years old.

A book written by someone under 30
The diary of young girl by Anne Frank / ★★★★ (4)
I read this book when I was Anna's age, probably 12-13 and I remember felt so close to Anna, probably in the teenager sense of felt not understand by your family.   At this age, I read the book thinking more about the big efforts the parents made to plan and tried to keep their families safe.  In some way, as Anna, I still keep the faith in the world.
"I still belive that people are really good at the heart"
― Anne Frank, The diary of a young girl

Other books I have read this year:

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  1. I have All the Light We Cannot See on my list to read too - so glad to hear you loved it!

    1. Probably is the best book I have read in a while! I hope you like it.
      And thanks for the kind message and encouragement, I will buy the tickets for the conference.

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  3. At last, All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel Audio Book is officially available on AudioBooksNow.