Friday, October 31, 2014

Pike Place Market

Pike's Place Market is the heart and soul of the city.  Established in 1907 is one of the oldest farmers market in the country and one of the most culture-rich places in Seattle.

The farmer's market is a year-round "heaven" where to buy locally source products.  From fresh local produce, gorgeous bouquets of flowers, bakeries, fish markets, butcher shops to specialty food stores and plenty of places where shop or to stop for a bite to eat. 

Marifer buying a flower bouquet

Produce stand at Pike Place Market

Fresh crabs from Pike Place Fish Market

Marifer at the market.
 Neon sings. Pike Place Market

We live pretty close to the market and shopping there never gets old.  I still feel like a tourist every time I am there. For me it is surreal to be able to buy all my groceries from small local businesses meanwhile i am listening to buskers and glancing the Elliot bay.

If you visit Seattle as a tourist or if you live in Seattle, the Pike Place Market is an essential place to walk though and have some food. 

My favorites from the market:
- Beecher's handmade cheese.
Beecher's sells artisanal handmade cheese, grilled sandwiches and the "Worlds best" Mac and cheese.
- Rachel's ginger beer
Handcrafted ginger beer made in small batches.  They offer a wide selection of flavored ginger beer made with seasonal fruits, cocktails and ginger beer floats.
- Sosio's fruit and produce
This is my favorite fruit and vegetable stand in the market.
- Chukar cherries
Dried cherries cover with chocolate made in small batches.  They have all kind of treats and jams.

Public Market sign

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